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CORE courses

Our one-year, Full-Time program provides you with intensive actor training and is designed for actors who wish to make a serious investment in their craft.

The six-month, Part-Time program provides you with ongoing technique training, whilst allowing the flexibility to maintain your place in the industry.

The Master Class is your opportunity to work intensively with the multi award-winning Howard Fine.


Training at the Studio

Training at the Studio

About Training at The Studio

Who can study at The Studio?

The training at The Studio is designed for professional, trained and aspiring actors aged eighteen years and over, as well as select courses designed specifically for teens. For the majority of the courses offered at The Studio, there is no audition or selection process. Entry-level courses are open to all students with the completion of some classes being a prerequisite to train in complementary or advanced courses.

What is the focus of the training?

The acting principles championed by The Studio have been developed and refined from those of Uta Hagen and her contemporaries. The aim of our training is to create actors who are fully self-sufficient, authentic, available and present in their work.

In order to gain a deeper insight into the ideas behind the training, it is suggested that all students read ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’ by Howard Fine and ‘A Challenge for the Actor’ by Uta Hagen.

When and where do your classes take place?

With the exception of the Full-Time course, most of our courses take place during the evening or on weekends, and are scheduled to complement existing work and study commitments.  Please see individual courses for specific course dates and times.

Our permanent studio is located in North Melbourne, whilst our annual Sydney Master Class takes place at a prominent theatrical venue in the city.

Who teaches the classes?

The Howard Fine Acting Studio has two bases of operation – one in Los Angeles and one in Melbourne. Uniquely, the two studios are led by one faculty, with the Australian studio hosting members of the LA-based team throughout the year. This guarantees that The Studio’s share exactly the same curriculum and level of expertise.

The HFAS faculty have been collectively nominated for over twenty major awards, and are in high international demand, with annual global teaching commitments that include engagements in New York, Moscow, Canada, Berlin and London.The faculty comprises of multi-award-winning actors, teachers, industry professionals and world-leading authorities in their chosen fields of study. In addition to the LA-based team, The Studio is proud to have several industry-leading Australian members of the faculty, all hand-chosen by Howard as proponents of the technique.

What makes The Studio unique?

The faculty at The Studio are all experts in their chosen fields of expertise and have worked in unison for over 15 years. All of our courses are unified by a single set of core acting principles and our classes seek to reinforce, refine and further the actors’ understanding of, and ability to use these principles. This differs greatly from most institutions, which can teach varied and often conflicting practices, and has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of the training.  

Which course should I start with?

It is strongly recommended that all parties new to The Studio complete Foundation or The Process,  both intensive programs which introduce the core acting principles of The Studio. Both courses are applicable for actors of all levels of experience and provide the necessary preparation and context in which to continue training at The Studio. Successful completion of Foundation or The Process is a prerequisite for enrolling into any of our Scene Study classes.

Please note that a small number of courses at The Studio have specific prerequisites. It is advised that participants read the course descriptions carefully before booking into any course.

Is there anything I should do before booking in to a course?

It is highly recommended prospective students read Howard’s book ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’ and audit at least one class (preferably Howard’s Master Class) prior to booking in to a course.

Auditing involves actively observing a class at The Studio, giving you the opportunity to experience the work first hand and ask questions of students and faculty. Auditing opportunities are available for Scene Study, Hagen Object Exercises classes, Speech and Singing for Actors and Master Classes. Please click the ‘Auditing’ tab for details of any upcoming auditing opportunities.