One-Year Full Time Professional Acting Course 2020

Auditions from August 2019. Contact for details. 

at a glance

  • Delivered by a multi-award winning faculty

  • Created by Howard Fine

  • Term calendars are three or four days per week depending on when they are in the year (9:30am-5:30pm)

  • Tutors from Los Angeles and Australia

  • Built around a core set of acting principles

  • Modular and ongoing training

  • Work with leading Australian casting directors

  • Training unavailable elsewhere in Australia

  • Graduates entitled to audition for Red Stitch Actor's Theatre graduate ensemble member position

“I work full time now in both acting and voice acting and I had no acting career before the Full Time Program…Since graduating, work from acting has paid off all tuition for this course, future courses and private lessons I take.” - Falon Ryan


Developed by world renowned acting coach Howard Fine and his equally prestigious teaching staff at the Howard Fine Acting Studio, this one-year full time program is a comprehensive and meticulous course that will fully transform your voice, body and mind to make you a confident, independent actor, able to operate at the highest levels within the industry.

Rare amongst training institutions, this course is unified by a core set of acting principles, which are shared by the entire faculty and staff. As a result, every aspect of the course reinforces, expands upon or further refines these principles. This direct approach to the craft of acting allows for complexity and mastery as it progresses. Upon graduation students possess a practical technique that not only serves them throughout the rest of their career, but continues to develop as they work in the industry.

If you are interested in the Full Time program we highly recommend attending one of our free sample classes and experiencing the training first-hand.

“Since graduating I’ve moved overseas…and now I’m living and working as an actor in London. Without the training and confidence that the full time program gave me I’d have never been able to do the amazing things I’m doing now!” - Tashi Baiguerra

Further information

The core acting principles of The Studio are in themselves an extension and further development of the ideas of Uta Hagen and her contemporaries, and are reflected in The Studio’s public mission statement:

“The goal of The Howard Fine Acting Studio is to create actors able to operate at the highest levels within the industry. We aim to instil a healthy respect for the craft of acting and a rigorous understanding of technique.

It is our belief that training should be technique-led, accessible and demanding. We believe in an ethical approach to actor-training that promotes self-reliance, a safe emotional and psychological approach, and a supportive and open class environment. We aim to empower actors and help them reach their full potential by providing award-winning training that revolves around a core set of acting principles.”

The course gives students access to a multi-award-winning, Los Angeles based faculty, who have worked in collaboration for more than fifteen years and travel to Australia on an annual basis and rotate leading the tuition at The Studio. This tuition comprises of modular and ongoing training, which incorporates comprehensive technique training, scene study, voice and Alexander Technique training, as well as on-camera and industry based study modules.

The Full Time course is a rigorous training program which replicates the studio-style environment of leading US institutions, as such it does not conclude with a showcase presentation. Graduating students of the Howard Fine Acting Studio are entitled to audition for Red Stitch Actor's Theatre esteemed graduate program, which gives one actor the chance to secure a one-year professional theatre contract. They also graduate with professional showreel footage and having worked with a number of Australia's leading casting directors.

The Howard Fine Acting Studio Full Time course will be delivered exclusively in Melbourne across four terms throughout 2017. This course takes actors on a challenging, rigorous and at times confronting journey. Accordingly, previous performance experience is required and admission is strictly by audition and interview.

“Since graduating…I have locked down an agent, filmed numerous short films, training and education videos, a television commercial, done voice-over, started producing and directing for screen and am opening [a play] tonight…” - Heather Allardyce


AUDITIONS: Rolling from August 2019 - January 2020 (we have three rounds of auditions - one in August, one in October-November and one in December-January. We make offers after each round and encourage actors to apply early).

COURSE DURATION: 39 weeks, with three term breaks.
CONTACT HOURS: Core contact hours follow two distinct patterns. 19 weeks of the program are four days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), with 14 weeks of tuition being three days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) - approximately 9:30am - 5:30pm. Indicative calendar available upon request.

Throughout the Full Time course students can anticipate between 4-10 hours of homework per week outside of class.

“In my 2 short years since graduating; I’ve appeared in 8 television commercials, completed 2 seasons of the International Award winning web-series ‘Full Disclosure’ [and been] nominated for best 'Supporting Actress at the Inaugural New Jersey Webfest.” - Maryanne Niceforo

Term Dates*

Term 1 February 18 – April 9 (8 weeks)
Term 2 April 28 - June 5 (6 weeks)
Term 3 June 23 – August 21 (9 weeks)
Term 4 September 8 - November 13 (10 weeks)

* Please note, the dates and content outlined above are strongly indicative of the Full Time Course for 2020. However due to the international nature of the faculty's timetables they can be subject to change during the latter stages of scheduling. It is important to note that there have only ever been very minor, late-stage changes to the Full Time Course and that we are proud to deliver a demanding, inspiring, fun, challenging and rewarding program of the highest quality.


COURSE FEE: $14,850 (inclusive of GST)

Payment Plans

For those accepted into the course, a deposit of $3,350 (paid in two instalments) is required to secure your place. Remaining fees are due in either weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments throughout the duration of the program, with full payment due beginning of November, before graduation. Other payment options may be available upon request.

To apply for the Full Time course you will need to complete payment of the application fee prior to submitting your application form.

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Applications are only valid once the application fee has been received and your resume and photograph have been emailed to You can pay your application fee beneath the application form.

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Auditions for the Howard Fine Acting Studio Full-Time course take place from September - January (the course begins in late February of each year). Upon receiving your application and audition fee,  you will be given access to our list of audition pieces and further audition instructions, and we will contact you to schedule a time for the next available audition day. We recommend auditioning early on in the process in order to take advantage of auditing and other opportunities to attend Studio events that are offered to auditionees. 

Interstate applicants  

Interstate applicants are invited to travel to The Studio in Melbourne to complete their audition. If applying from interstate, we recommend applying as early as possible, in order to secure a convenient audition date and time.

If you are unable to travel to Melbourne, we are able to arrange a live Skype audition, but please note that we do not accept pre-recorded video auditions.

For further information about preparing for your audition, and to access the audition pieces, please click below. 



Developed by Howard Fine and based on the year-long course he created as the Head of the Acting Program at AMDA in New York, Foundation is a fast-paced, six-week intensive introduction into the core acting principles of the Howard Fine Acting Studio. This course ensures actors are equipped with a set of tools enabling them to create truthful life on stage and bring themselves fully to their work.

Divided into two modules, Comprehensive Technique and The Relationship between Homework and Rehearsal, Foundation gives actors a clear, comprehensive and effective technique to approach scene work, rehearsals and script analysis.  

Speech and Singing for Actors

The Speech and Singing for Actors program responds to the needs of actors to have a strong and powerful connection to their unique emotional sources, and uses vocal exercises to develop the actor’s ability to connect to text in performance. Students will explore the application of emotional experiences when approaching their work, through personal story telling, song and spoken word, discovering ways to safely use the entire range of their emotional sources in performance.

Scene Study

Students consolidate lessons learnt in other modules, deepen their understanding of the technique, and develop self-critiquing skills through Scene Study classes. In these classes students work with a partner on an assigned scene from The Studio’s extensive library of modern classics and esteemed works.

Master Scene Study

Students begin Term Three by auditing Howard’s Melbourne Master Class before then working directly with Howard in his Master Scene Study class. Students work intensively with Howard before completing work on their scene assignments which are presented to invited guests.

Application of Technique to Screen

Within the context of the Howard Fine Acting Studio ethos, Shane Connor brings his years of experience as a highly-respected actor, teacher and director to the Full-Time program. Students are taught the fundamental on-camera techniques applicable for both the small and big screen and learn the essential tools for producing great screen performances in both the audition room and on-set.

working with the Pros

This module focuses on bridging the gap between actor training and the ‘business’ side of the industry, giving actors the opportunity to workshop scenes with a number of highly regarded and experienced casting directors.  

FILM Shoot

Students have the opportunity to use the techniques they have learnt in an 'on set experience'. Students will work with a professional film crew and director, as they experience the demands of working in a 'live set' scenario.

Improvisation for Actors

Improvisation has taken Hollywood by storm over the last two decades, with some of the most highly respected and award-winning actors starting life as improvisers. This course unit helps actors learn how to apply improvisation to acting, and give their work an innovative and creative edge. Actors learn an introduction to improvisation, how it can enhance scene work, rehearsal and performance, and using improvisation to create devised theatre and comedy.


Led by leading Shakespeare expert (and multi award-winning producer, actor and director) Sally McLean, participants in the Full Time course explore Shakespeare in performance. Students are guided to understand Shakespearean text, historical context and techniques to make his words truly their own.


Examining concepts that are technical, psychological and practical - the Full Time course features a dedicated module on auditioning.


To fully serve the actors' process and to provide the best training possible, the Howard Fine Acting Studio believes strongly in ongoing voice training. As part of the Full-Time course, students can anticipate rigorous and regular voice training in preparation for working with David Coury in Speech and Singing for Actors.

Alexander Technique

In an intensive module students undertake Alexander Technique training that will allow them to recognize patterns of tension in their work, explore the correct usage of the body, active relaxation, animal work, and finding balance between the mind and body in performance.   

Potential Course Modules

The Howard Fine Acting Studio faculty comprises many of the finest acting teachers and individuals working in the industry today. They are in high international demand which is reflected in their collective teaching rosters that encompass Milan, Rome, Mexico, London, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Alaska, Berlin, Sydney and Melbourne amongst many other destinations. The majority also work in the industry as producers, directors, writers and/or actors. It is important to note that due to these complicated schedules the availability of any given tutor is subject to change. It should also be noted that every possible action is taken to secure their time and to date we have never had a situation whereby a tutor could not complete their obligations to the Australian studio. In the unlikely event that we have a change in the Full-Time curriculum we have a series of contingencies and programs that are designed to service the program and the technique training therein.