Technique Master class with Howard Fine and David Coury

Dates: 22-25 November

9:30am - 6:30pm each day

The Master Class is the most intensive four days of tuition offered by The Studio. Each full day of the program consists of a rigorous exploration of technique as Howard Fine and David Coury work with an ensemble of actors on preselected scenes.

Being a part of the Master Class ensemble represents the chance to study with two of the world’s leading acting coaches in one of the most dynamic, open and engaging learning experiences in the Australian industry calendar. For participants and auditors alike, the Master Class represents not only a fantastic learning opportunity but also provides the best possible introduction into the work, techniques and ethos of The Studio.  

Before the Master Class, Howard will dedicate time to selecting and pairing an ensemble of actors, who will then rehearse and work on preselected scenes using the techniques outlined in his book, ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’. The ensemble then work intensively with Howard Fine and David Coury work-shopping their scene in the public forum of the Master Class. This scene work acts as an entry point for actors and auditors (observers) to explore Howard’s acting technique, lessons and processes, and David’s vocal and authenticity work.  

Howard and David’s spirit of generosity works to create a learning environment free of judgement, and participants are guaranteed to experience lessons that allow them to flourish both during and after the Master Class.  

About Participating in the Master Class

Participants are provided with a scene and scene partner. Each scene pairing workshop their scene two times within 60-minute time slots in front of an audience of their peers and industry colleagues. Participants are expected to commit to approximately 10 - 20 hours of rehearsal prior to the event and are required to attend all four days of the Master Class in full. To ensure participants get the most from the Master Class, The Studio provides the opportunity to participate in one hour of hands-on pre-Master Class preparatory tuition.

Applicants must be aged 18 years and over.


Howard Fine Acting Studio, Level 1, 7 Cozens Street, Brunswick, Melbourne

Course fee

$1450 (we offer extremely flexible payment options with direct debit schedules that range from 4-10 weeks. If you set-up your direct debit using your BSB and account number it will be fee-free, if you use a credit card or debit card number it will incur a small fee).

Additional application information

In the weeks prior to the Master Class, successful applicants are assigned a play and scene partner. Upon acceptance in to the Master Class, participants first need to read Howard’s book, as they will be applying the techniques therein when working on their scene in preparation for the class. Participants are then asked to choose a scene from their allocated play, which must be no longer than five minutes in duration. In addition to the furniture provided by The Studio, participants are expected to provide necessary props and objects required to ‘make place’ as outlined in Howard’s book. Applicants must also be available to meet up with their scene partner to rehearse their scene both in the lead up to and during the Master Class. 

Please note that participation in the Master Class is subject to an application process and selection is based on the strength of each participant’s application letter, as well as their CV and showreel. Howard Fine’s Master Classes are extremely popular, and we strive to create a varied and eclectic ensemble for each Master Class. Please know the selection process is not designed to reflect Howard’s opinion of your progress, talent or ability as an actor.

Applications OPEN

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Audit Master class

Auditing the Master Class represents a unique learning opportunity and provides the best possible introduction into the work, techniques and ethos of The Studio. We strongly recommend auditing to anyone interested in training with us.

As an auditor, you will actively observe the class, experiencing the work through the Master Class ensemble and Howard’s critique. Auditors are given the opportunity to ask questions, and are provided with a list of the texts that the participants will be work-shopping, enabling them to study the source material at a later date and appreciate Howard’s approach to script analysis.  

In order to make the most of auditing the Master Class and gain a thorough understanding of Howard’s approach to technique training, we strongly encourage auditors to read Howard’s book, ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’ prior to the class, and to audit all four days of the Master Class.

Auditing prices vary and are; $110 per day, $200 for a weekend pass and $345 for all four days.

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