Six-month Part Time Professional Acting Course  

Based on The Studio’s highly acclaimed one-year, Full Time program, this intensive course offers actors the opportunity to undertake a rigorous, demanding and progressive series of training modules. As with the Full Time program this course is unified by a core set of acting principles, with every aspect of the course reinforcing, expanding upon or further refining these principles. The core acting principles of The Studio are in themselves an extension and further development of the pioneering ideas of Uta Hagen and her contemporaries.

With a comprehensive range of study modules and moderate contact hours per week, this intensive course is ideally suited for actors looking to dedicate time to refining their craft whilst maintaining their current commitments. This course offers actors the flexibility to work and attend auditions whilst studying and places moderate, ongoing homework demands upon participants.

The ethos, aims and philosophy of the Part Time program are exemplified in The Studio’s public mission statement:

“The Studio considers an independent, empowered actor who has a rigorous understanding of technique, is able to operate at the highest levels within the industry and displays a healthy respect for the craft of acting to be the goal of its tuition. It is our belief that training should be technique-led, accessible and demanding. Further to this, The Studio strongly believes in a core set of acting principles and a system of ethics regarding the training environment, promoting self-reliance, a safe emotional and psychological approach, and a supportive and open class environment.”

The course gives actors access to The Studio’s multi-award-winning, Los Angeles based faculty, who travel to Australia on an annual basis to lead the tuition at The Studio. This tuition incorporates comprehensive technique training, scene study and voice training, as well as on-camera and specialist modules.     

The Howard Fine Acting Studio Part Time course will be delivered exclusively in Melbourne in 2017. This course takes actors on a challenging, rigorous and at times confronting journey. Accordingly, previous performance experience is required and admission is strictly by audition and interview.  



AUDITIONS: April - May

COURSE DURATION: 27 consecutive weeks of tuition (six months)

CONTACT HOURS: The contact hours for the first six weeks of the program are Saturdays (10am-6:00pm), Sundays (10am-6:00pm) and Wednesdays (6:30-10:30pm), after which the core contact hours are Monday (9:30am-3pm) and Thursday (6:30-10:30pm) each week.* Students are advised to view the full course calendar prior to applying. You can do this by clicking here.

* Please note, there are a limited number of times when students will be required to attend for consecutive days of the week and in some cases also weekends, to allow for intensive study modules. These instances are rare and advance notice will be given.

Throughout the Part Time course students can anticipate between 2-6 hours of homework per week outside of class.


May 20 – November 20.



Payment Plan

An upfront payment of $1,195 is required prior to the commencement of the course followed by:

Monthly Payment: $940 (to be paid for the first five sequential months of the program)

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Developed by Howard Fine and based on the year-long course he created as the Head of the Acting Program at AMDA in New York, Foundation is a fast-paced, six-week intensive introduction into the core acting principles of the Howard Fine Acting Studio. This course ensures actors are equipped with a set of tools enabling them to create truthful life on stage and bring themselves fully to their work.

Divided into two modules, Comprehensive Technique and The Relationship between Homework and Rehearsal, Foundation gives actors a clear, comprehensive and effective technique to approach scene work, rehearsals and script analysis.

Master Scene Study

Students audit both of Howard’s four-day Melbourne Master Classes and work directly with Howard over two sessions in a reduced version of his Master Scene Study class.

Access All areas

In Access All Areas, students will learn the tools to bring genuine emotional responses to their work and performance, by undertaking a series of progressive exercises that require them to explore their connection to emotional stimuli, thus helping them deal with the challenge of living truthfully in an imaginary set of circumstances.

Scene Study

Students consolidate lessons learnt in other modules, deepen their understanding of the technique, and develop self-critiquing skills through Scene Study classes. In these classes students work with a partner on an assigned scene from The Studio’s extensive play library of modern classics and esteemed works.

Speech and Singing for Actors

The Speech and Singing for Actors program responds to the needs of actors to have a strong and powerful connection to their unique emotional sources, and uses vocal exercises to develop the actor’s ability to connect to text in performance. Students will explore the application of emotional experiences when approaching their work, through personal story telling, song and spoken word, discovering ways to safely use the entire range of their emotional sources in performance.

Application of Technique to Screen with Shane Connor

Within the context of the Howard Fine Acting Studio ethos, Shane Connor brings his years of experience as a highly-respected actor, teacher and director to the Part-Time program. Students are taught the fundamental on-camera techniques applicable for both the small and big screen. With an emphasis on the technicalities of the medium, students will learn the essential tools for producing great screen performances in both the audition room and on-set.

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