Year long youth acting programs 2019

two course streams - foundation & professional

The Howard Fine Acting Studio One Year Youth Acting Programs introduce young actors to the world of professional actor training, giving them the opportunity to explore the award-winning technique training developed by Howard Fine in Los Angeles, and studied by actors the world over.

These one day a week, year-long programs are designed to be fun, inspiring and confidence building. They have been created specifically for young people who enjoy performing and professional young actors.

The two parallel Youth Programs feature similar content and are separated by age and experience. The Foundation Program is tailored for people aged 14+ and is suitable for both experienced actors and those new to acting. The Professional Program is for actors aged 16-21 who have previous training, professional experience or are exploring acting as a potential career option. Both courses are fun, challenging and rewarding. In the Professional Program actors will also tackle more advanced scripts, explore more demanding technique exercises and have increased homework assignments.

For those interested in our Youth Programs, The Studio will be hosting a series of free sample classes in late 2018/early 2019. To attend please email the office.

course content (applicable for both streams)

In hands-on, weekly classes, students will explore acting techniques through monologues, practical exercises, scene work and vocal work (please see below for a term by term breakdown of course content). Throughout the course, students will develop skills in script analysis, character development, effective rehearsal, self-evaluation, and by the end of the course, we hope that students will be able to approach any script or role with confidence. The course also has industry based components, including camera acting and students will have the opportunity to work with a professional casting director. Students will also hear from industry guest speakers each term, as well as having the option to attend two of Howard Fine’s Master Classes as an audience member (included in the course fees and valued at $395 each).

These courses are designed for anyone with a passion for performance, but will be particularly beneficial for those who are considering a professional acting career during or after school or university.

Keep reading for a full description of the course curriculum.

contact hours & term dates

Classes will take place on Sundays from 9:00am - 1pm (for the Foundation Program) and 2-6pm (for the Professional Program).

  • TERM 1: March 3 - April 14

  • TERM 2: May 5 - June 23

    • optional: Howard Fine Master Class June 29 - July 1

  • TERM 3: July 7 - August 25

  • TERM 4: September 15 - November 3

course content

TERM 1 - Introduction to Technique

In Term 1, students will be introduced to The Studio's award-winning technique training, as well as the teachings of Uta Hagen, which form the basis of much of Howard Fine's training. 

Students will work on monologues and short scenes, as well as exploring Uta Hagen's 'Object Exercises', which are designed to help actors overcome performance challenges, such as self-consciousness. At the end of the term, students will learn about Howard Fine's '8 Steps for Script Analysis and Role Preparation', which will inform their work in Term 2. 

Term 1 will also include a two-hour vocal workshop with Phoebe Taylor, as well as a talk from an industry guest speaker. 

TERM 2 - Application of Technique to Text

During Term 2, students will begin to apply what they have learned in Term 1 to text, through partnered scene work. Through this process, students will learn how to analyse a script, research a role and develop a character, and how to rehearse effectively. 

Term 2 will also include a two-hour vocal workshop with Phoebe Taylor, as well as a talk from an industry guest speaker. It will also end with an open class to which students may invite friends and family. 

TERM 3 - Application of Technique to Text

During Term 3, students will continue to explore what they have learned in Terms 1 and 2 through more text and scene work. This will allow students to deepen their understanding of technique training, as well as to develop invaluable self-evaluation skills. 

Term 3 will also include a two-hour vocal workshop with Phoebe Taylor, as well as a talk from an industry guest speaker. It will also end with an open class to which students can invite friends and family. 

TERM 4 - Application of Technique to Industry

During Term 4, students will take the acting technique principles that they have learned, and begin to apply them to camera acting. Students will learn the basics of acting to camera, as well as critical industry skills such as 'self-taping' and screen testing. Students will have the chance to undergo a mock screen test in front of a professional casting director. 

Term 4 will also include a talk from an industry guest speaker, and finish with an open class to which students can invite friends and family. 


COURSE FEE: $2260 (or four termly payments of $565)

To apply for one of our Youth Programs, you will need to fill out the application form on the right hand side of this page and attend an audition.

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Participation in the Howard Fine Acting Studio's Youth Programs is by application and audition - we look forward to welcoming you to The Studio.

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ABout the tutor

Shane click.png

Shane Savage is the head of Youth courses here at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. 

After completing a bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama/Film) at Deakin University, Shane went on to study full time at the world renowned Howard Fine Acting Studio.  Recent theatre credits include Ricky in Big Al at Chapel Off Chapel and Marc Christian in ‘Playing Rock Hudson’ at the Malthouse Theatre. On screen, Shane has played the lead roles of Lindsay in ‘Anatomy’ (dir. Joe Betros), Art in 'Artemis' (dir. Daniel Higgins), Dean in ‘Nevyr Love a Vampyr’ (dir. Geoffrey Wright) and Chris in the award-winning webseries ‘Chris & Josh’ (dir. Matt Smolen). Shane's love for the craft has led him to be an Actor, Producer, Director, Writer and Coach. Recent achievements include winning Best Writing at NYC WebFest, Best Online Video at the London Film Awards, Best Comedy Series at the Online Video Awards Australia and being nominated for Best Male Performance in a Comedy by the International Academy of Web Television. Shane's latest project (as writer, director and actor) is a short film titled 'SH!T', which is currently successfully touring the international film festival circuit. Shane is also currently in preproduction on two feature films and is about to launch his own studio space and production company.