Phone: 03 9038 8053

Admin Email:

Address:   Level 1, 7 Cozens Street, Brunswick, VIC, AUS 3056

(Please note phones are staffed from 9:30am-4:30pm Monday - Friday. Please leave a message at all other times and we will do our best to get back to you within one working day.)


PARKING AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The Howard Fine Acting Studio is located at 7 Cozens Street, Brunswick. It is no more than a five-minute walk from any of the various public transport options servicing the area including buses, trams and trains. Our closest train station is Moreland Station on the Upfield Line. It is a three minute walk from Moreland Station to 7 Cozens Street.

No. 6: Moreland to Glen Iris via Brunswick > City > Armadale. Disembark at stop 133: Moreland Station/Moreland Rd.

No.19: North Coburg to Flinders Street Station via Coburg > Brunswick > Parkville > City. Disembark at either Stop 27 (Brunswick Tram Depot/Sydney Rd) or Stop 28 (Moreland Rd/ Sydney Rd.

Bus: No. 501: Essendon to Ivanhoe via Brunswick > Northcote > Thornbury. Disembark at major stop 2: Moreland Station.

Train: Upfield Line. Disembark at Moreland Station.

Parking: Parking around HFAS is mostly free (please check signs carefully). There is free all day parking on Cameron Street, plus one and two hour parks on Cozens Street and the surrounding smaller streets. Parking on Sydney and Moreland Roads gets tricky because they are major roads and both service trams.

STAGE MANAGERS: In order to keep everything running smoothly at The Studio, a student/s in each class will perform the role of ‘Stage Manager’. In class, the Stage Manager is responsible for such things as creating running orders for scene work, overseeing scene changes and ensuring that the venue is left clean and tidy after class. In order to assist Stage Managers and Studio staff, we ask that you observe a few basic rules, such as helping with scene changes, returning props and furniture to their rightful places at the end of class, keeping the theatre and kitchen clean and tidy, arriving promptly to class and keeping noise levels down outside of the classroom. Once class has commenced, the Stage Manager will be your fist point of contact for ‘in-class’ issues, i.e. if you are running late for class etc. 

KITCHEN RULES: We are happy to provide everyone at The Studio with access to our kitchen facilities. This includes a fridge, microwave and kettle. You are also welcome to use the cutlery and crockery that can be found in the kitchen drawers. In order to keep the kitchen clean and allow everyone to use it, we ask you adhere to a few basic common courtesies. Please wash up any dishes you use as soon as you are finished (rather than leaving them in the sink), and if the dish rack is full, please take the time to put everything away in its rightful place. If you put something in the fridge, please remember to take it out at the end of the day, as any food or containers left in the fridge will be thrown out at the end of each week. Please also note that there is no food or drink allowed in the theatre (bottled water and props excepted), and we also ask that you do not use the kitchen crockery and cutlery as props.

INSURANCE AND SIGN-IN: While you are in class and at The Studio, you are covered by our insurance policy. Please note however, that you will only be covered if you sign in each time you arrive for class to signify that you were in the building. You can sign in by simply ticking your name off the clipboard located at reception.

PLACES TO EAT NEARBY: There are many great places to eat on nearby Sydney Road. We suggest you take a wander and explore the area. There’s plenty of affordable cafes, bakeries and eateries in the immediate vicinity offering a wide range of cuisines. There is also a very well stocked FoodWorks on Sydney Rd, specialising in Italian goods.


Rehearsal rooms are made available for students studying at the Howard Fine Acting Studio to rehearse and develop their work for presentation in class. All rehearsal space bookings must be made via Acuity, our online booking portal that can be accessed via this link:

When booking, you will need to select either the Upstairs Theatre or Studio 1 (the downstairs Studio). Please note bookings must be made at least 2 hours in advance.  

Rehearsal space hire fees are as follows:

1 hour - $9.50

1.5 hours - $14.50

2 hours - $17.50

During busy periods, we reserve the right to enforce a cap of one booking per scene pair in the upstairs Theatre per week. This is to allow as many people as possible the chance to rehearse in the space with full access to the props and furniture.


At the end of your rehearsal, particularly if you are the last one in the space for the day, please move the furniture, set pieces and props back to their original positions, as indicated on the floor plans provided, and leave the space in a general state of tidiness. A floor plan for each space can be found in this document. Additionally, please ensure that all lights, heaters and air conditioning units are switched off. Failure to leave a room in an acceptable state, or leaving electrics on when the room is unoccupied will incur a fee of $20.

Office hours are generally 9.00am-5pm, Monday to Friday. For after hours bookings (i.e. evenings and weekends) please note that you may need to collect a key from the locked security box near the front door of The Studio (instructions for accessing these keys are provided at the end of the booking process in Acuity, to please be sure to read these carefully). The building must be locked up and the key locked back in the security box once you are finished rehearsing. If you need to cancel your booking, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can make the space available to others.  If you fail to do so, you will incur a $10 fee. If you cancel your booking with more than 48 hours notice, no fee will be charged.   At the end of each rehearsal, please return all furniture and set pieces to their original positions as indicated on the floor plans below.  By making any rehearsal space booking, you automatically agree to all of the above conditions of hire.


Keep up with what’s happening at The Studio via our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can also join our Facebook group, where you can chat and share with the HFAS community!