Voice and speech work are crucial to every actor. At the Howard Fine Acting Studio, exploration and refinement of the voice is done through David Coury’s amazing Speech & Singing For Actors program. This program provides actors with a strong connection to their deep emotional sources and enables them to safely explore their emotional range in performance.

David Coury is an international voice expert and teacher whose revolutionary work is redefining ‘Voice’ for the modern world. Through his highly accessible approach that combines speech, music and psychology, Mr. Coury has transformed what was considered possible in the realms of vocal training and has established himself as a world leader in the field. He has served as Musical Director/Vocal Coach for Menudo, Vocal Coach/Arranger on NBC’s Nashville Star, Vocal Producer for hit producer/songwriters RedOne and J.R. Rotem, Vocal Coach for The Lion King and is the Voice Director of the Howard Fine Acting Studio—Los Angeles and Australia.

The primary focus of the program is working the voice through singing, rather than developing professional singers. The Speech & Singing For Actors program is appropriate and applicable to anyone with a voice! No previous singing experience is necessary, and actors who have sung in the past will still find the program to be indispensable for the development of working the voice and the impulse to create sound, in both song and spoken word.

This class is a must for any actor.


Please download and be familiar with the text and songs in this file.


Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November, 9am-6pm.




David Coury has worked with many leading professionals in the entertainment industry and corporate world, including actors, broadcasters and Top 40 recording artists such as Leona Lewis. David demonstrated his transformative techniques on ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover’, when he helped a rapper with a cleft palate overcome a speech impediment that had plagued him for twenty years. David has also featured on ‘American Idol’ coaching contestants, and worked with MTV, NBC, Fox, TV Guide Network, National Geographic Channel and ‘E!’





Speech and Singing for Actors, level 1 - November 2019
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