AUDITING (Observe a class)

It is highly recommended (though not required) that students considering training at The Studio audit a class before booking into a class.

Auditing allows students the chance to sit in and observe a class, giving them the opportunity to see the faculty at work, experience the practical application of the technique, and get a feel for the training and The Studio environment.

Classes regularly open to audit are:

Scene Study

Uta Hagen’s Object Exercises

Master Class (Melb/Syd)

Classes currently available to audit:

Hagen Object Exercises: March 28 - April 11.

Scene Study with Marilyn McIntyre: April 27 - May 11.

When booking, please select the date of the class that you would like to attend from the drop-down box. Auditing Scene Study and Hagen Exercises requires a non-refundable booking fee of $10. Please see the Master Class page for further details and pricing for Master Class auditing. 

Free Sample Classes

Throughout the year, we also offer several opportunities to attend a free sample class at The Studio. These classes are designed for those interested in enrolling in the Full-Time course, Part-Time course, Foundation or The Process (though everyone is welcome), and give students the chance to work with one of our faculty members, ask questions, and explore The Studio's facilities. Please check the 'Classess' section of our website to see if we have a sample class available. If not, we recommend signing up to our mailing list to be notified of the next sample class. 

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Auditing (Observe a class)
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