Working with the Pros is part of the Howard Fine Acting Studios industry training programs. They allow actors the opportunity to undertake courses in an industry context. The courses are hosted by highly experienced industry professionals and are designed to compliment your existing training.

In this six-session class students will have the opportunity to work on-camera with the highly respected actor, director and producer Scott Major. Participants will examine concepts and techniques which relate to:

  • Script Breakdown and understanding text
  • Understanding the humanity of your character
  • Knowledge of how to create a more detailed and usable back-story
  • Understanding of what a director wants from the actor
  • Taking direction and how you can apply different direction on set
  • Truth in performance and being in the moment
  • On-camera awareness
  • Industry knowledge and insights


Tuesdays, 18 August-2 October, 7:30-10:30pm




Participants will be assigned a short 1-2 minute age-appropriate scene which they are then expected to rehearse and prepare as they would for an audition. Actors must be fully off-book, bring a printed copy of their scene with them and be prepared to perform their scene with a partner whom they meet on the day (and who has been assigned the opposite character in the same scene). The majority of the scenes will be selected from our archive. To access this archive please click here.


Scott is an actor, director, producer and writer. He has worked extensively in television, theatre and film around the world for the last 29 years. Scott has performed leading television roles in Heartbreak High, Wildside, Neighbours, Always Greener and Late for School, amongst others. Film credits include Envy, He died with a falafal in his hand, Trench and The Heartbreak Kid. He founded Bathroom Floor Productions in 2004 and his recent theatre work includes All The Intimacy, Both Sides of the Bar, The Fellatio Monologues, Death in a Box: one pussy's tale, The Subtle Art of Flirting, Closer, Terminus and Salt. He is also a director of Poppy Seed Theatre Festival.

Working with the Pros - director series (August)
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