Recommended as the most beneficial way to begin training at The Studio, Foundation is a fast-paced six-week intensive introduction into the core acting principles of The Studio.

Divided into two modules, Comprehensive Technique, and the Relationship between Homework and Rehearsal, Foundation equips actors with a set of tools enabling them to create truthful life in performance and bring their emotional experiences to the work.  Foundation provides actors with a clear, comprehensive and effective technique to approach scene work, rehearsal and script analysis. Students complete this program through individual, partnered and ensemble-based work, and are expected to commit to approximately eight – ten hours of homework and rehearsal outside of class each week.

In the first module, Comprehensive Technique, actors learn techniques to create authentic life in performance via a series of assignments and practical exercises covering emotional and sensory recall, personalisation, and script analysis. Students will also undertake several of Uta Hagen’s object exercises as they learn to create physical life on stage.

In the second module, The Relationship Between Homework and Rehearsal, students apply the techniques learnt in the first module to a script. Through partnered scene work, participants learn what homework is required when approaching a script, and processes they can apply to make the most effective use of rehearsals.

This class is applicable for actors of all experience levels. Those new to acting will gain insight and technical ability, whilst seasoned professionals will learn ways to dramatically deepen their work. Successful completion of the Foundation class also allows students to enroll in The Studio’s ongoing Scene Study classes.


Feb 25 - April 2

Wednesdays 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Saturdays 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Sundays 10:00am - 6:00pm




Students must read Howard Fine’s ‘Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft’, and Uta Hagen’s ‘A Challenge for the Actor’ prior to beginning the class.


Marilyn McIntyre


from 450.00

Full Fee $1750

Deposit of $450 plus two payments of $650

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