Teen Classes

Acting class for teenagers - Melbourne
Acting class for teenagers - Melbourne

Teen Classes

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In our term long* Teen Classes, tutor Shane Savage will guide students through the award-winning acting technique training championed by The Studio, with a focus on monologues and scene work. Students will be allocated scenes in class and will be guided through initial reads, script analysis, how to learn lines, personalisation and correct rehearsal techniques. Using The Studio's extensive array of furniture and props, students will learn how to create their own set and bring their character to life within the specific circumstances of their scene. This course is open to 13 - 19 year-olds and is suitable for all experience levels.

What to prepare:

Students will need to prepare and memorise one contemporary monologue (1 - 2 minutes in length). It is advised that you read the entire script from which your monologue is taken, and remember to answer these key questions about your character when preparing:

- Who am I talking to and what is my relationship to that person?

- What do I want?

- Where have I just come from?

- What am I doing now?

- Where am I going next?

If you are having trouble choosing a monologue, please contact the office on admin@howardfinestudio.com.au and we will be glad to help you. 

It is also highly recommended that you read 'Fine on Acting' by Howard Fine before commencing this class. The book is available online or at The Studio for $35. Please contact The Studio ahead of time to make sure we have a copy in stock.

What to bring to class: 

  • 2 printed copies of your chosen monologue
  • A notepad and pen (and a backup pen!)
  • Voice recorder (most smart phones are capable of this)
  • Bottle of water and snacks

Course dates: Saturdays,  April 30 - June 18.

Time: 9:00am - 12pm.

*Each term runs for 8 weeks