Uta Hagen: Object Exercises


Uta Hagen: Object Exercises

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About the class

In this class, students will undertake a number of Hagen’s famous Object Exercises. Taught in many leading institutions the world over, these exercises keenly develop the actor’s skill and awareness in specific areas and promote rigorous technique and attention to detail. Exercises will help students to overcome performance challenges, such as creating truthful physical life on stage, issues of self-consciousness, remaining present, recreating physical sensations and allowing the creation of authentic human life on stage.


Students must read Uta Hagen’s ‘A Challenge for the Actor’, and have watched Uta Hagen’s ‘Acting Class’ DVD prior to beginning this class. ‘Acting Class’ can be purchased online, or keep an eye out for a screening at The Studio soon.


Monday May 2 - May 16 , three weeks

Tuesday June 7 - June 21, three weeks

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Although I played many parts to critical success, I was frustrated and dissatisfied by problems that arose over and over again that related to the human techniques, regardless of the role I was playing: a sudden loss of privacy or concentration, momentary physical self-consciousness, getting trapped in externals and mechanical actions, the anticipation of a particular response or action, an inability to tap the correct stimulus, pushing for the emotion – to mention a few. When I was not playing, in between parts, I was even more frustrated, believing there was no way for me to function as an artist in the absence of rehearsals, performances, and my fellow actors…In desperation, I came on the idea of working by myself at home to devise corrective exercises for all of the problems I was having by exploring personal behaviour under a variety of circumstances.
— Uta Hagen, A Challenge for the Actor