The Filmmaker Showcase is an annual event hosted by the Howard Fine Acting Studio. This free event provides actors with the opportunity to present scenes for an invited audience of student and professional film makers, including representatives from leading Melbourne institutions. This superb opportunity is a great way for our network to showcase their talents and meet filmmakers, and has led to many actors securing work. Equally it is a great opportunity for student filmmakers to meet actors, observe their work and get to know them outside of the audition room.

Date: Friday 31 May 2019. The event will begin at 7.00pm, finishing at approximately 9.00pm.

Location: Level 1, 7 Cozens St, Brunswick.

Participation is strictly by application only and all participants must pick their own scene and scene partner(s) for the presentation. All scenes must run for a maximum of three minutes. Interested parties can only apply once.

There will be three pre-determined, staged environments available as the location of each scene (please see below), and participants are required to pick from one of these three. Personal props will be allowed but please keep these to a minimum.

The three sets available will be:

  1. A living room/dining space/kitchen setup,

  2. A bedroom,

  3. An outdoor setting. 

Please fill out the form if you are interested in participating in this exciting event!

*Please note that this event is restricted to actors who have previously trained at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. If you are a film maker who is interested in attending, please email the office at admin@howardfinestudio.com.au to reserve a seat or simply complete the ‘Filmmaker Sign Up’ form opposite.

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