2018 productions

The productions below are the lucky recipients of the Howard Fine Acting Studio 'Fine at Fringe' support packages for 2018. We are proud to be helping these productions reach their audience at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

how i met my dead husband

20-27 September, 6:45pm

Gasworks Arts Park

A funeral, 1950 Taipei, Taiwan. A eulogy for a dead husband reveals a long hidden secret...

ross & rachel

18-23 September, 7pm

Theatre Works

This masterful play picks up 10 years after the TV show ends, summoning then swiftly exploding nostalgia to confront the question - what happens after you find “the one”?

the gargoyle

17-23 September, 10pm

The Butterfly Club

A centuries-old stone gargoyle atop a church is struck by lightning and falls into the river below. By some unknown miracle he is granted life.

fine at fringe

What is it and who is it for?

Here at the Howard Fine Acting Studio we want you to be a success! We want you to be working in the industry, growing your reputation, making contacts and creating opportunities for yourself. One of the best ways that you can do this is to create your own work, so we thought we'd help you do that!

Fine at Fringe provides the inspiration, impetus and support necessary to create your own work. Whether you are an experienced producer or new to putting on a show, let us help you make it a hit!

As part of Fine at Fringe, the Howard Fine Acting Studio will be selecting a number of productions to support. These productions will be selected from a competitive application process and will be staged at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. To apply simply complete the form opposite.

What do I get?

  • your Fringe application fee and Public Liability insurance paid for by the Howard Fine Acting Studio (typically worth over $750)

  • a mentoring session in the areas of production and marketing

  • free rehearsal space

  • marketing support in the form of exposure to the studio mailing list, social media posts and allocated space within our venue to display your marketing material

  • access to a targeted database of media and industry contacts

Eligibility criteria

A minimum of 50% of your production team must be connected to the Howard Fine Acting Studio either as alumni, Studio regulars or current students. We consider alumni to be graduates of our Part Time and Full Time programs. We consider Studio regulars to be actors who have participated in three or more of our ongoing classes/Master Classes (auditing not included).

Other eligibility criteria:

  • applicants must be able to complete their Melbourne Fringe registration (which the Studio will be paying for) no later than Friday 31 May, this includes the provision of a high-quality image, outline and festival brochure description, along with details of core personnel and marketing information

  • each production must have a dedicated producer who is not connected to the show as a performer, director or writer (unless the script is finalised)

  • your production must be staged during the 'awards eligibility' part of the Melbourne Fringe (typically this is a two week period during the festival within which you must stage your show a certain amount of times to be able to allow the Fringe judges to view the production)

  • you must register your production for consideration for the Green Room awards (facilitated by Melbourne Fringe and easy to do)

  • must agree to publicise the Howard Fine Acting Studio as a principle supporter of the production and display logos and wording as prescribed by the Howard Fine Acting Studio which includes having the wording 'Presented as part of Fine @ Fringe and sponsored by the Howard Fine Acting Studio' in the online and printed brochure

Key dates

  • applications for Fine At Fringe open 6 April

  • applications for Fine at Fringe close 27 April

  • successful applicants will be notified no later than 30 April

  • successful applicants must complete their Melbourne Fringe Festival registration no later than Friday 31 May

  • workshop and seminar early June 2018

  • Melbourne Fringe festival begins 12 September

  • Melbourne Fringe festival closes 29 September

We encourage you to

Visit the section on how to participate as an artist on the Melbourne Fringe website and attend one or both of the following Melbourne Fringe information sessions:

  • How to take part

  • Venue Speed Dating

Essential things you need to do outside of completing the application form

  • get your team together and secure a producer

  • start thinking about your marketing image and show description

  • be prepared to apply for a Fringe venue once accepted into the festival (these processes are separate but are easy to navigate - Melbourne Fringe are very experienced at running their festival!)


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Apply here

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