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It's an exciting time here at The Studio, we've got advanced plans in place to expand our range of courses, provide dedicated performance opportunities and create a theatre company for studio associates and alumni. We've also recently established a Trust, members of which are charged with maintaining, growing and refining The Studio. In short, we're looking to find ways to help you even more, provide expanded performance opportunities and help progress your journey within the industry.

To achieve our goals we need a little bit of help, and so we're asking you, our network, to pull together and help us create the opportunities that actors need to advance.

As such, we invite you celebrate your time at The Studio by purchasing your very own chair plaque to be displayed in the HFAS Theatre.

Not only will you have a personalised seat, you’ll be assisting The Studio in building the next five years of our operation. Purchase a plaque in one of the front two rows for $250, or share a chair in rows C to E by buying one of two plaques for $125. For either option, your endowment will be proudly displayed for all to see.

If you, a friend, colleague or family member are able to assist us at this time, please know that you will be helping not just The Studio, but also hundreds of actors who will benefit from your contribution.

As ever, we have big ambitions that we want everyone to share in. With your assistance, we are sure we can make a valuable contribution to the lives of our acting community.

Thank you for your support - it really does help.

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