courses open for application

yearlong youth programs

Ongoing weekly classes for professional and aspiring actors aged 14-21; presented as part of a yearlong program. Entry by audition and interview. Attend a FREE sample youth class on February 11. Apply today.

Sundays, March - November


Six-month training program

Twice weekly classes for adults wanting to commit to intensive training, yet maintain their current commitments and availability to work and audition. For professional and aspiring actors. Attend a FREE sample class on March 19. Apply today.

Twice a week, May - November


Part Time Auditions

Our pioneering six-month training program is back! We've made a series of changes and improvements that make the course more accessible and more affordable. With new course units, new tutors and a slightly different structure the course is better than ever. Apply today.

Final auditions May 2018


Exciting new event

Have you got something you want to say? Ever wondered if you could write a monologue? Well now's your chance. Join us for a night of creativity, fun and expression as we challenge you to write, refine and perform a monologue to a packed audience of your colleagues.

3 March, 6pm


Free sample class

If you are interested in the Howard Fine Acting Studio, we highly recommend attending one of our free sample classes. These classes are practical, hands-on and introduce some of the underlying principles of The Studio and how we work.

26 February, 7-9:30pm

We're raising funds

Help us by purchasing a seat

It's an exciting time here at The Studio, we've got advanced plans in place to expand our range of courses, provide dedicated performance opportunities and create a theatre company for studio associates and alumni. We've also recently established a Trust, members of which are charged with maintaining, growing and refining The Studio. In short, we're looking to find ways to help you even more, provide expanded performance opportunities and help progress your journey within the industry.

Thank you for helping to make the Howard Fine Acting Studio the institution it is today - you are part of a highly valued and much loved community.

New to the studio?

The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a leading international training institution, with permanent bases in Los Angeles and Melbourne. Our mission is to make you a strong, self-reliant actor able to perform at the highest levels in the industry. Founded by the multi award-winning Howard Fine, our training is accessible, demanding and rewarding.

free acting resources from the studio

Here at The Studio we know that actors are frequently short of time and money. We therefore strive to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to interact with the work we do free of charge. Doing so enables actors to make an informed decision when considering participating in one of our courses. We highly recommend that all actors interested in The Studio get to know us a little by downloading our free ebook, attending a sample class and watching some of our free acting videos.