The Howard Fine Acting Studio is a leading international training institution, with permanent bases in Los Angeles and Melbourne. Our mission is to make you a strong, self-reliant actor able to perform at the highest levels in the industry. Founded by the multi award-winning Howard Fine, our training is accessible, demanding and rewarding.


Application to Screen

Within the context of the The Studio ethos, Shane Connor brings his years of experience as a highly-respected actor, teacher and director to the fore.  Students will learn the essential tools for producing great screen performances in both the audition room and on-set.

Begins 24 July, 6:30pm


Winter Sale

It's cold. Very cold. Which must mean that it's the time of year where we like to offer our network 25% off all courses. The sale runs for four weeks of July, so if you're looking to work on your technique, brush-up or learn a new skill; there is no netter time to book in.

Sale ends 28 July


Free sample class

If you are interested in the Howard Fine Acting Studio, we highly recommend attending one of our free sample classes. These classes are practical, hands-on and introduce some of the underlying principles of The Studio and how we work.

6 August, 7-9:30pm