Congratulations on enrolling in Alexander Technique.

Thank you for committing to technique-driven training and for bringing your energy and enthusiasm to The Studio. In this weekend intensive, students will learn how to apply Alexander Technique to their rehearsal process and work in performance. Students will undertake exercises that will allow them to recognize patterns of tension in their work, covering how to safely and effectively use the body when walking, sitting, standing and breathing. The course also examines effective relaxation, animal work, and finding the relationship between mind and body in performance.


For more information about course dates and times please refer to the Classes page.

Venue: Howard Fine Acting Studio - 7 Cozens St, Brunswick VIC 3056

There is ample all-day parking around the venue, however we would advise arriving at least 15 minutes early to find a park.


We require the full course fee upfront.


Please bring the following items with you to class:

  • A yoga mat/exercise mat/and/or a towel

  • Two or three paper back books (these are to rest your head on, not to read!)

Finally, please be sure to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes that are suitable for movement work, i.e. no jeans, skirts or tight, restrictive clothing.


Here at The Studio, we rely on the help of everyone in class to keep things running smoothly. In order to assist with this, one or two students will be performing the role of ‘Stage Managers’ in class. The Stage Managers are your main point of contact for class related issues and their duties include:

  • Forwarding messages from the tutor to all participants

  • Sending out homework to participants

  • Making sure The Studio is neat and tidy at all times.

As a participant in class, we will often request your help in order to assist the Stage Managers. We have outlined some basic expectations we have of everyone taking part in classes at The Studio. These expectations are put in place for the benefit of everyone, and help us to ensure that all classes run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, it is greatly appreciated that you adhere to the following:

  • Be on time for every class. If, for some reason, you are running late for class, please let your Stage Managers know.

  • Be prompt in responding to the Stage Managers’ requests, both during and outside of class.

  • Help the Stage Managers at all times when in The Studio. This will often include helping to tidy up the space at the end of each class, putting furniture away, making sure the kitchen area is clean, arranging the chairs neatly in the space and any other cleaning and tidying that may need to be done. With everyone’s help, this can take a minimal amount of time and goes a long way to helping both the Stage Managers and The Studio.

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Get to know your tutor, Barbara Robertson a little more before class commences. Barbara's website has information on The Alexander Technique and other elements of her work.

Also, get to know Howard Fine, the Artistic Director of The Studio, a little more. Watch his FilmNut interview with Jeff Schubert and their discussion on technique, the relationship between homework and rehearsal and some of the coaching work he's done with other actors.                                        

Finally, if you have any other questions about this course or The Studio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to The Studio!