With Howard Fine set to board a plane to Australia this week, and the Sydney and Melbourne Master Classes fast approaching, we're looking forward to seeing two ensembles of actors exploring scene work and delving into technique training under Howard's guidance. 

For those unable to participate in the Master Class, we always recommend auditing (observing the class) as a way to get in on the Master Class action. If you've never audited before, and you're wondering what it's all about, we've put together a quick list of reasons why you should most definitely clear your schedule, and come along as a Master Class auditor! 

Notebooks at the ready, these auditors are soaking up all the lessons the Master Class has to offer!

Notebooks at the ready, these auditors are soaking up all the lessons the Master Class has to offer!

1. Learn the same technique as some of Hollywood's greats

One of the things we love most about The Studio is that our actors are undertaking the exact same training as actors in LA, including the many Oscar winners, nominees and well-known actors that Howard has worked with, such as Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly and Carla Gugino. Auditing the Master Class gives you the opportunity to gain firsthand insight into Howard's technique training, pick up useful tips about acting technique, the rehearsal process, script analysis and more, whilst also giving you something in common with Will Smith ;) 

2. Pick up acting lessons that you can apply immediately

One of the greatest benefits of auditing the Master Class is that without the pressure of being a participant, you can sit back, take notes and absorb the lessons like an acting sponge. Howard's training is down to earth and extremely practicable (you can see an example in the video below), meaning that even if you're not participating, you will still take away innumerable lessons that you'll be able to apply to your current script or acting project straight away. Just remember to bring along a notepad and pen, because you won't want to miss any of Howard's gems!  

3. 'Audition' The Studio

As faculty member Marilyn McIntyre says to students auditioning for our courses, "you have to audition us as much as we have to audition you." In other words, if you're thinking of signing up for one of our classes, you need to know whether our training and learning environment is going to be right for you. And what better way to 'audition' us than by seeing a class in action? The Master Class provides curious actors with the opportunity to see how a class runs, how students apply the training, how faculty work with the students, explore our facilities, and ask questions of staff and current students. Auditing is the perfect opportunity for you to have a right old stickybeak and see what we're all about!

4. Connect with the HFAS community

One of the things that we're proudest of at HFAS is our incredible and supportive community of actors. Graduates, current students, Full Time students, or those who've done a short course here and there quickly become fast friends within the walls of our theatre, and they're always ready to welcome new actors into the fold. Many of our students return to participate or audit the Master Class, so whether you want to ask a Full Time graduate about their experience in the course or connect with some new actors for your next project, auditing the Master Class is a great way to meet some new acting buddies, because chances are you'll be seated next to one of regular students, and they're always up for a chat!

We hope this provided you with a bit of insight into what an invaluable experience auditing the Master Class can be. Remember, you can audit any or all of the four days of the Master Class, and the 2019 Melbourne Master Classes are taking place in Sydney (June 29 - July 2) and Melbourne (July 4 - 7). Click the button below to book your auditing tickets, and we hope to see you there!