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"Howard is not a guru. He does not work from a place of selfish aggrandizement. He is generous and encouraging, not dictatorial and ego-maniacal. He loves actors and their process. He is loving and nurturing while still demanding that his actors continue to strive for their personal best... I have not worked on a single role - whether it was for the stage, film or television - without going to Howard."

Michael Chiklis (Golden Globe & Emmy award-winning actor)

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“I have worked with Howard for many years and since the first time, I have found his insights to be spot on, not exclusively on acting, but on something much more important to an actor, the inner workings of human beings. Often teachers want to own an actor’s process. Howard shines a light on yours so that you can fly freely on your own.”

Carla Gugino (Entourage, Sucker Punch, Spy Kids, San Andreas, Gerald’s Game, Watchmen)

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“When I first met Howard he told me his job was to make the actor a self-sufficient artist. His great skill is the joy he takes in watching you discover, with the tools he provides, the essence of a character. He loves actors, he loves the process, and he is all about the work.”

Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman, Jack Ryan)

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“Within my 30 years of casting, I have viewed and worked with many actors. Howard Fine’s technique is a contributing factor to those actors who consistently stand out.”

Victoria Burrows - Casting Director (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Lovely Bones)

"Howard Fine is an extremely skilled teacher. He has the ability to help actors create beyond their own experience in a way that is both exciting and compelling. Personally, I feel he is one of the greatest acting teachers working today."

Martin Campbell - Director (Casino Royale, Green Lantern, Edge of Darkness, Vertical Limit)

Hear what leading Australian actors have to say about working with Howard Fine and training at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. 

Samuel Johnson

Multi-award-winning actor Samuel Johnson (Molly, Rush, The Secret Life of Us) tells us why he wouldn't be where he is in his career with Howard Fine and his training.

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"Howard shook me out of a complacency I didn't even know I had and re-introduced me to the kaleidoscope of true craft, technique and possibility."

Freya Stafford (Sunshine, Newton's Law, Please Like Me, Offspring, Predestination)

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"...if you think you are even close to your full potential already, then this guy will really shock you..."

Jay Ryan (Top of the Lake, Offspring, Terra Nova, Beauty and the Beast)

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"[Howard gives] you the tools to access the extraordinary actor within yourself."

Ra Chapman (Wentworth, Neighbours, Offspring)

Alicia Banit

Actress Alicia Banit (Dance Academy, Summer Heights High) talks about how training with Howard Fine helped her to rediscover her self-confidence and love of acting once again.

Christopher Kirby

Christopher Kirby (Star Wars: Episode III, Matrix Reloaded, Secret City, Wolf Creek, Salem’s Lot) discusses the impact studying with Howard Fine had on his career.

Syd Brisbane

Fresh from a six month national tour, Syd Brisbane (Wentworth, Red Dog: True Blue, Cut Snake) tells us why he thinks Howard Fine's training is the best around.

Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Romper Stomper, Playing for Keeps, Offspring, Love Child, Puberty Blues) talks about how training with Howard Fine helped him to reach his potential.

Hannah Norris

Multi award-winning actor Hannah Norris tells us (direct from the UK) why her notes from Howard Fine's Master Classes travel the world with her.

Stephen Lopez

Stephen Lopez (Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge, Underbelly Files: Infiltration, Neighbours, Kick) talks about the impact he experienced training with the Howard Fine Acting Studio.

Sally McLean

Sally McLean (award-winning actor, producer and director) talks about the growth she experienced training with the Howard Fine Acting Studio.

James Mason

James Mason (Neighbours, Playing for Keeps) talks about the growth he experienced training with the Howard Fine Acting Studio.

full time graduate testimonials

“I work full time now in both acting and voice acting and I had no acting career before the Full Time Program…Since graduating, work from acting has paid off all tuition for this course, future courses and private lessons I take.”

Falon Ryan

“Since graduating I’ve moved overseas…and now I’m living and working as an actor in London. Without the training and confidence that the full time program gave me I’d have never been able to do the amazing things I’m doing now!”

Tashi Baiguerra

“Since graduating…I have locked down an agent, filmed numerous short films, training and education videos, a television commercial, done voice-over, started producing and directing for screen and am opening [a play] tonight…”

Heather Allardyce

“In my 2 short years since graduating; I’ve appeared in 8 television commercials, completed 2 seasons of the International Award winning web-series ‘Full Disclosure’ [and been] nominated for best 'Supporting Actress at the Inaugural New Jersey Webfest.”

Maryanne Niceforo

part time graduate testimonials

“I think my time at the Howard Fine Studio will be one of the most important times of my life…I'm still learning lessons retrospectively years on. I think Howard is doing remarkable things for acting - and has assembled a beautiful team to implement, what I feel, is the overlooked truth of acting.”

Paul Ayre

“My experience with the Howard Fine Acting Studio has been truly life changing, and has helped me develop my craft as an actor and in turn grow as a person. Thank you to the incredible faculty and my dedicated peers for the privilege of working with you.”

Heather Bloom

“The HFAS Part Time course taught me the [depth of] work that was required, whilst simultaneously fuelling my already burning passion for story telling. Participating in the Part Time course was one of that best things I've ever done!  …Can't wait to come back soon!”

Sebastian Carr

“My experience…was remarkable. I learnt many valuable lessons that have carried through into everyday life. I have a profound respect for actors and personally the course has helped me with my pursuit for a musical theatre career…I am proud to be a part of this family.”

Anna Magrath

master Class & general Testimonials

“For me Studying with Howard Fine is the hardest way to study, because there are no shortcuts. His teachings don't allow you as an actor to cheat or fake anything. To do his 8 Steps, is the only way I work now, as it's a clear and thorough process to get to the crux of the character and material. It's hard, but the most honest way to work on your craft...”

Haydan Hawkins

“HFAS changed my approach to acting, and to storytelling. It showed me that detail and specificity are everything…Howard's technique gave me the confidence to approach screen and stage work calmly, knowing that if I were prepared, if I did my homework, I would do the script justice and be proud of my performance, no matter what else happened on set, or in the editing room.”

Cat Commander

“Mr Coury's accent training is, I believe, unlike any other. Now I feel confident that I am speaking authentically with my American accent. I also now have an idea of how to approach other accents.”

Tanya Hendy

“If you want to be the best actor you can be - spend some time with Howard Fine. A NIDA degree in 4 days is no mean feat. I wish he was my full time coach!”

Ian Stenlake