Formed in 2017 and made up of people from all areas of the HFAS community, our Board of Trustees is a highly skilled group of individuals who will be working to ensure that The Studio is the best institution it can be. We've been introducing you to members of our Trust over the last few weeks, and this week, we're excited to introduce you to actor, writer, director and producer Scott Major!

Actor Scott Major

Scott has worked extensively in television, theatre and film around the world for the last 28 years. Some of his regular television roles include Heartbreak High, Wildside, Neighbours, Always Greener and Late for School. Film credits include: Envy, He died with a Falafel in his hand, Ned and The Heartbreak Kid. He founded Bathroom Floor Productions in 2004 and his recent theatre work includes All This Intimacy, Both Sides of the Bar, The Fellatio Monologues, Death in a box: one pussy’s tale, The Subtle Art of Flirting, Closer, Terminus and Salt. He has been directing on Neighbours for the last 5 years and is also a director and founder of Poppy Seed Theatre Festival.

We asked Scott a few questions to help you get to know him...

1. Tell us three things about yourself (that we can't learn from your bio)

Hmmmm, I only started acting because I joined a modelling agency in primary school because my mate was a model and could buy the best skateboards. Obviously I didn’t get any modelling work but I did get a TV job on ABC.

I was born in Footscray hospital. Goooooo the Doggies! 

In the early days of Heartbreak High, Callan Mulvey was my rollerblading double and good mate. He ended up going on to play arguably the most popular character on the show, Drazig. 

2. Why are you excited to be part of the HFAS Board of Trustees?

I’m not, I was forced into it. Oh and I suppose that I find acting training extremely important. When I was younger there was nothing like this around so I love supporting and helping grow quality training and the actors of tomorrow. 

3. What's the biggest lesson you've learned through your training at HFAS?

There are so many things that I learnt from working with Howard Fine and David Coury that I could go on for eveeerrrrr. A couple of gems that sound simple but are often missed: "Words are important” and “Don’t judge your character”.

4. What do you love about being an actor?

The stability, the constant work, being respected as a worthwhile part of the working community. Ooops sorry I thought you meant what would be amazing about acting in a perfect world. What to I love: DOING IT!

Scott at Howard Fine's Melbourne Master Class in 2012.

Scott at Howard Fine's Melbourne Master Class in 2012.

5. What do you not so much love about being an actor?

Take previous first answer and make it opposite. 

6. What's your dream project or a role you'd love to play? 

There isn’t one role that I would love to play as such. I guess any role that takes me to a different place, or makes me look at the world in a slightly different way. That shines a light on something that may be under explored or misrepresented in the past. Wow I got heavy, sorry.

7. Tell us a piece of advice you have for your fellow actors.

Get out now, I need the work… OR…. Nothing replaces hard work, don’t be scared of doing the work, don’t let your fear of failure stop you being as great as you can be. That and kill all competition. (I don’t endorse this if anyone actually does it, it was a joke.)

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Scott! If you'd like to know more about our Board of Trustees, you can click here, and be sure to take a look at our recent blog posts to meet other Trust members.